The office of Tourism has licensed us to open again for 50%.

book-now-house-of-life-abydosHouse of Life Abydos, hotel, health & healing center

The present House of Life Abydos hotel, health & healing center lies at walking distance of the Temple of Sety I, the Temple where people came 3500 years ago from all over Egypt to get healed or to get an answer to important questions in their life. This temple was famous in those days because of its wisdom and healings. At that time Abydos was the center for the worship of Osiris, where thousands of pilgrims joined in processions and gathered for healing. The new House of Life wants to fulfill this function again. Just as in the old days our House of Life offers shelter to everyone who is looking for culture, lodging and a new refreshing view of life. In our hotel there are 100 beds, rooms where ancient Egyptian treatments are given.


When staying in our hotel you can make a choice between three apartments and our comfortable chalets around the swimming pool All rooms are equipped with airconditioning for cooling and heating. Ater coming back from a tour or from the temple you can find your rest in the tea garden or in the swimming pool. Our dedicated cook is waiting to comply with your wishes and is eager to please you every day. Vegetarian or diet? He will take care of it.

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icoon-conferencingConference Center

For your lectures, workshops en symposia we offer two halls among which the conference hall with a splendid view on the Temple of Sety and the desert. Besides we have some smaller rooms with a typical old Egyptian style.
We will be glad to offer you other services if you want to add a special flavor to your program. Besides hotel, restaurant we can take care of special leisure programs and magnificent tours.

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icoon-healingHealth Center

All our guests have the choice to become acquainted with various ancient Egyptian treatments. These treatments are given in our health and healing center. Moreover our center is offering a course in Ancient Egyptian Healing. This course, designed to enable you to become an ancient Egyptian Healer, takes a total of 7 weeks. So whether you come for culture, studying, healing or a full relaxation of body and mind we will be glad to have you as our guest.

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Kiara Windrider visits House of Life

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In December 2015 we enjoyed the visit of Kiara Windrider  and Grace Sears with an enthusiastic Belgian group .  Wonderful to see how  ancient Egyptian thoughts touch modern  teachings like Ilahinoor.

House of Life in Egyptian magazine

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