House of Life Abydos

The House of Life offers accommodation to everyone who looks for a comfortable stay with a sense of culture, and who likes to add another dimension to life. In our centre you find a hotel, a health and healing centre, a swimming pool, a tea garden, bazaars and a lot more. Just for people who want to experience more in life.

You feel the atmosphere

The center radiaties a special atmosphere. Already at the entrance you are overwhelmed by the pillars that give you the impression of entering an ancient Egyptian temple. When you walk in you are struck by the sculptures of old Egyptian gods and by the swimming pool in the shape of a scarabee. At the bottom of the swimming pool you see in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs the name and logo of the House of Life. You imagine you are entering a different world. For your accommodation you can select either a room in the apartment house or one of the 44 chalets around the swimming pool. You may have tea in the teagarden, at the swimming pool on the top of the apartment house with a view of the desert and the Temple of Sety I; or on the roof terrace of your own room. Both in the chalets and in the appartment house you can make your own coffee or tea.

Omm Sety

Next to the bazaars you find a museum about Abydos and in particular about Omm Sety, the English woman, who when still a child, realized that in a former life she had been a priestess in the Temple of Sety I. She remembered so many details about the Temple that she astonished archaeologists, as she did also by her knowledge of old rituals and healing methods. The whole of her life she dwelled in Abydos where she compared her knowledge of the ancient rituals with the ways diseases were still treated by the local population. It was her dream to build this center and to share with the world her knowledge of ancient Egyptian healing practices. Our hotel has a special health and a healing center, where you can experience these ancient Egyptian treatments. You are welcome to experience what it can do for you.



For an unforgettable stay. Comfort, culture, health and good food.


Conference center

For your lectures, workshops en symposia. We offer different halls, services and more.


Health & Healing Center

All our guests have the choice to become acquainted with various ancient Egyptian treatments.