Ancient Egyptian Healing

healing-house-of-lifeThe House of Life Abydos offers a unique opportunity to get deeply acquainted with the Temple of Sety I. This temple is already centuries known as a place where healing processes are experienced.  By your visits to   the Temple of Sety I you follow a personal healing path.  like the priests and priestesses in ancient Egypt.


The Egyptian Gods and Goddesses were for thousands of years the backbone of the Egyptian civilization. The Egyptian approach of spirituality is unique. Experiencing the Gods is so natural for them that it becomes sensible and nearly touchable. Each God was regarded as a manifestation of Holiness and meantime the Gods represent distinct qualities in our self, that we can learn to recognize. The Path  can give a boost to the own personal development and help you to discover new dimensions in yourself.

The  Temple of Sety I
Visits to the temple of Sety I are an important part  of the process. This temple is different from all ancient Egyptian Temples. It has been built to heal and give rest to souls. It is the temple that touches the heart. This temple is made for healing both physical and spiritual. Inside the temple you can feel all kind of different energies that can help to heal you in different ways. This is why spiritual people are always touched by the energy of this temple.

Omm Sety
The knowledge and wisdom of the ancient Egyptians   we owe for an important part to Omm Sety.  Omm Sety was an English lady from London who came to Abydos around 1950. She was aware that she was a priestess in the Temple of Sety I  in  her former life and she astonished everyone by her detailed knowledge about the past, about the Temple, ancient Egyptian herbs and oils, rituals and treatments. It was her dream to restore the ancient function of the Temple of Sety as spiritual centre of the World.

House of Life Team
During the healing process  you can take the support of and  a range of treatments like :

Foot Massage
The Ancient Egyptians were the first people to discover that the feet are a very important  part of the body in which all the organs , the physical and the spiritual body are tied with it. The feet collected all the energy of the Earth and use it  like magnets to support our body. Everything good or bad starts in the feet.  The ancient Egyptian foot massage is a special way to open the energy points.

Body massage
The ancient Egyptians understood that using oil for healing the body affects muscles and brings all the parts of the body in a good condition. Also it makes a balance between the mind and the physical body. It heals depressions and stress.

 Healing with herbs
Our herbs may be used to heal a range of diseases They are  also based on extensive analysis by ancient priests.

Sound Healing
Sound was used for many purposes in ancient Egypt. Singing bowls were used especially to heal psychic problems. The vibrations of the bowls  touch the soul, their heart and gave them peace, the way back to their inner Self.  When the bowls are vibrating by a stroke they produce a wide spectrum of frequencies that can heal body, mind and soul.


Ancient Egyptian Healing

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Ancient Egyptian Healing is suitable for everyone who wants to initiate a process of personal growth.