Ancient Egyptian healing in our present world

The ancient Egyptian civilization was strongly connected with nature and the Universe that surrounded them. They were well aware of the functioning of the human body and had well educated specialized doctors. Mind and body were strongly connected. A sound mind lives in a sound body. Therefore they created various ways to maintain a sound condition of the physical body. They analyzed the plants in their neighborhood and built various schools that they called Per-Ankh, House of Life. The school of Abydos, the House of Life, attracted many healers in the course of time and became very important as a base of knowledge about healing and medicines. It is our dream to revive the ancient Egyptian healing. To give you an idea of the relevance of this ancient medicine you find some sources of information below.

Historic Research

In many temples and on papyrus scriptures (f.i. the Berlin and Eber papyrus) there are extensive descriptions of many diseases and how to cure them. Pictures in temples show the medical tools and the treatments used. The cures were based on an analytical study of thousands of years on the human body and its reactions on remedies.
Thus Homers wrote in 800 b.C. in the Odyssey “that the men in Egypt are more skilled in medicine than any human kind.” We read in a recent American study “Documented ancient medical literature is among the oldest in existence today”. Many Greeks like Hippocrates studied medicine in Egyptian temples.

Omm Sety

In the mid of the past century Abydos got a lot of publicity, because a London girl became aware, after a near deadly fall from the staircase, that she had been priestess in the Temple of Sety I. She astonished archeologists by her detailed knowledge of the Temple’s unknown parts and old rituals. Omm Sety collected ad documented a lot of valuable information about the methods of healing and old rituals.

Social Remembrance

Another source of information is the present Egyptian culture. In the countryside, many ancient ways, rituals and treatments are still being practiced by the local population as Omm Sety also experienced.

Healing methods of priests/ healers and doctors

Some of the healing methods that were mentioned by the above sources are:

  • Healing by talking and thinking. Also dreams were important
  • Healing by sound, dance and singing
  • Healing by meditation.
  • Healing by body massage and feet baths
  • Holy oils, like musks and lotus oil were used in particular for spiritual activities like meditation to create relaxation and peace in the mind and the whole nerveus system
  • Sand healing
  • Healing by magic rituals, they also used amulets
  • Healing with herbs
  • The ancient Egyptians believed that all parts of the body are connected with the properties of the various plants and herbs

The House of Life today

The House of Life wants to cherish the ancient tradition of wisdom, mystique and healing. We offer today a rich program of ancient Egyptian treatments that are adapted to present times and are individually applied. Meanwhile the present House of Life has developed various healing remedies for different deficiencies like the nervous system, high blood pressure, rebalancing the immune system, cleaning the system.
With our centre we try to rejuvenate the holistic vision of the ancient Egyptians about man, nature and Universe. We believe this may not only offer an important supplement to the present way of living in these times, but may even help in finding answers about the essence of our lives.


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