Conference rooms

In our center there are a number of beautiful halls suitable for your lectures, workshops and symposia. Our great conference room has a splendid view of the desert hills and the Temple of Sety I. The smaller rooms have a special Egyptian character.

We will offer you full service for reception of your guests, your stay, consumptions and meals. If you want to offer lodging to your guests as well, you can choose between the rooms in our three apartments or our 44 chalets. We can serve your meals in one of the restaurants or in one of our rooms. Besides you can make use of our fitness room, tearoom, bazaars, garden, terraces and of our swimming pool.

But there is more! If you want to add a special flavour to your program we will be glad to offer you other services as well. Besides hotel and restaurant we can take care of special leisure programs, ancient Egyptian treatments, various excursions, trips around Abydos and magnificent cultural tours.


Conference rooms

Health & healing centre
Trips around Abydos

Good to know

Do you want to book a conference room or organise an event, contact us. We will make a set up and offer just for you.