How to reach House of Life Abydos

Abydos is situated at the Westside of the Nile ca 50 km North of Dendera en ca 190 km North of Luxor. In Al Balyana on a distance of 8 km is a railway station.  Abydos is lying in natural bay and is surrounded by hills and desert to the West and farmland to the East.

In The hills to the West that are forming a natural half circle protection around the village, is a valley, the Gab, that the ancient Egyptians regarded as the gate to Amenti, the after life, kingdom of Osiris. Still now the Gab confronts you with a source of energy that connects present and past and cherishes Abydos.

The nearest airports are: Sohag, national airport (45min) and Luxor (2,5 our). We will be glad to arrange a cab to pick you up at the airport. Just contact us.



Good to know

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