Who are we?

The present House of Life Abydos lies at walking distance of the Temple of Sety I, the Temple where people came 3500 years ago from all over Egypt to get healed or to get an answer to important questions in their life. This temple was famous in those days because of its wisdom and healings. At that time Abydos was the center for the worship of Osiris, where thousands of pilgrims joined in processions and gathered for healing. The new House of Life wants to fulfill this function again. You can personally experience this in this House of Life.

With this project we are offering people all over the world,who are searching for true wisdom a comfortable stay in Abydos and a support in their search for spirituality, culture and health. Our project is developping fast. We offer you a relaxed stay in Abydos, culture tours, healing and health arrangements and more at your choice. The project we share, The House of Life Abydos, comprises a hotel and a health & healing centre, where old Egyptian hospitality, culture and healing methods are coming anew to life.

Who we are

We believe that the ancient Egyptian culture and spirituality can be of great value to the modern man. From the moment we visited Abydos we were just as many others before us inspired to give new life to this place. In the meantime the House of Life Abydos has grown to a cherished meeting place between old and new culture, heaven and earth, man and Universe.

Omm Sety House of LifeOmm Sety

In the mid of the past century Abydos got a lot of publicity, because a London girl became aware after a near deadly fall from the staircae, that she had been priestess in the Temple of Sety I. She astonished archeologists by her detailed knowledge of the Temple,  unknown parts and old rituals. Her dream was to rejuvenate the role of Abydos and the Temple of Sety I as a spiritual center. With this project we wanted to realise and fulfil this dream.

We wish you a wonderfull stay in our  “House of Life”

Hans and Ria

Hans en Ria House of Life Abydos



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