The desert sand contains  at some places special minerals and healing energy. The House of Life resort has a quiet place  in the desert where the sand is of high quality. At the end of the day you will lie in the warm sand and your body will  be covered with sand. You will lie there for ca one hour and we will have a team  to take care of you during that time.  This is a meditative and cleaning process that touches your whole body. After an hour  you will be helped to get out of the hot sand, wrapped in blankets, drink tea, take a shower and rest. Dependent on the intensity of the complaints  the number of treatments would vary between 5 and 9.  After two treatments we usually take a break of a day.  As a consequence we advise you to book a healing tour of  at least  two weeks. The days you may further use  to visit the temple of Sety I and Ramses II or make some excursions  to your choice.  Be aware that the treatments will touch you intensively

These treatments were used by the ancient Egyptians to keep them healthy.